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Gailey on Whitner

Bills safety Donte Whitner was beaten for a TD by Ravens tight end Todd Heap last week. Coach Chan Gailey gave Whitner a strong endorsement Wednesday when asked about him.

Said Gailey: "We’re asking Donte to do a lot. He has a lot of responsibility because he’s a good player. When you ask a lot of a player, sometimes it’s going to be good and sometimes it’s not going to be good. We’re asking him to do quite a bit, so he gets out there in the open where it’s seen a lot more than maybe some other people. To me, he is a really good football player, a really good football player. As they all continue to grow in the defense, there will be less and less of hopefully isolated matchups. We’ll have more people around the ball."

"He’s a really good player we depend on and we ask him to do a lot of run support and read run-pass and get back out of there (in coverage). When you’re asking him, hey c’mon, we’ve got to stop the run, stop the run this week and all of a sudden, that guy’s down the field, there’s a fine line in there of being able to read all that. We’ve got to continue to help him do his job. He’s got a lot on him."

---Mark Gaughan



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