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Kawika released

The Bills and linebacker Kawika Mitchell parted ways Friday after the two sides reached an injury settlement. Mitchell was put on injured reserve after suffering a foot injury five days before the season opener. It's the second time in as many years he has been on the IR list. He suffered a torn quadriceps muscle in Week Five last season.

According to sources, Mitchell had asked to be released. It's the smart move. With him missing 27 games over two years, he was facing the very real possibility of being waived after the season anyway.

Mitchell can sign with another team, but it probably won't happen until later this season, if at all. He said earlier this week that he's looking at a 12-week recovery.

It would be in his best interests to play this season if he can. There is a strong chance of an NFL lockout that could wipe out the 2011 season. Mitchell would then be out of football for more than two years, which would seriously jeopardize his career.

---Allen Wilson


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