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Maybin's benching

Aaron Maybin talked today on the fact he was inactive for the game in his hometown of Baltimore last week.

"I wouldn't call it a wake-up call, but it's definitely an eye-opener," Maybin said. "That's probably been the most frustrating experience since I've been here."

Maybin has played 10 snaps the past three games, counting the Baltimore game. He has 66 defensive plays on the season. After 21 career games, he's still looking for his first NFL sack.

"Truthfully, there's been only a handful of instances I've been in pass-rush mode this year, and that's been the issue," Maybin said. "I have to be able to get in those positions. A lot of that has to be with me. ... I'm going to have to be able to hold up my end of the bargain."

Chan Gailey on Maybin:

“He’s done some good things. He’s just not producing enough right now to get on the field. He has good talent. We work with all those guys who’ve got talent to try to bring them along as football players.”

Is he overmatched physically, Gailey was asked? “You can put yourself in a position to get overmatched by not taking advantage of what you have, the quickness, speed, that kind of stuff. If you get locked up then you are at a disadvantage. You’ve got to play a little differently when you’re not as big and strong as the guy you’re playing against. Yeah, he puts himself in a position sometimes where he gets overmatched. That’s one of things productive players do, they don’t put themselves in those positions.”

Read more on Maybin in Jerry Sullivan's column in Thursday's News.

---Mark Gaughan




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