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Nix on Lynch, Edwards, Kelsay

Buddy Nix on the timing of the Marshawn Lynch trade: "To be honest with you, as we started looking at it. Obviously when we kept him and got two guys hurt the first six plays of the preseason it felt really good to have three backs. Now once we got ‘em all healthy and they’re not getting the number of touches then we decided ti was time. There’s no need in me trying to say we’d have been better off to have done it then or now or whatever. I don’t understand what good it does to go through the summer or the preseason with a draft pick in your pocket that you can’t use till April. Why not do it when we did it. It’s the same draft pick, it’s in our pocket and we can’t use it ‘till April."

Nix on Trent Edwards: "I said this to start with. We wanted to see for ourselves what Trent could do. We knew he had the ability. He’s willing. He’s intelligent. He did all the things we asked. We went through OTAs. We went through preseason, camp, the whole deal, and he did everything we asked him to do and there was promise there. Buffalo’s got people all over the league that have been here that are playing good for other people. I didn’t want to come in here and cut guys that could help us win. Then we got into the regular season and it didn’t work out. We didn’t have the production that we wanted. We decided that wasn’t the answer for us or for him. So we made the change."

Nix on Chris Kelsay's contract extension: "The thing you don’t want to do is take your core guys and your leaders out of your system. We decided obviously we’ve got four, five, six guys like that. Maybe not be great players but are good players that set the tone for what you want everybody else to be. Chris Kelsay is a good payer. He exemplifies what we want players to do and how we want ‘em to be. So that’s the reason he’s here."

---Mark Gaughan


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