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A shot from Jay Leno

You don't need to read the Sunday letters to the sports editor, or listen to local talk radio, to get your fill of Bills bashing these days. To paraphrase ZZ Top, they're so bad, it's nationwide.

Jay Leno closed his "Tonight Show" monologue Wednesday night with a couple of Bills jokes:

"Did you see the new camouflage uniforms the Army football team unveiled Saturday? You see those? It's kind of cool. Football uniforms in camouflage. In fact, I understand the Buffalo Bills asked if they could borrow them. You know, not to play football, but to sneak out of the stadium afterwards. Buffalo Bills lost again: 0-7. In fact, their quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, he's a Harvard graduate. In this economy, even with an Ivy League education, you can still wind up in a dead-end job."

---Greg Connors




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