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Chan gives Fitz strong vote

Bills coach Chan Gailey gave Ryan Fitzpatrick his strongest endorsement yet on Wednesday.

Asked if there's any way he could imagine Fitzpatrick not being the starting quarterback next season, Gailey said:

"Today? No there's no way I can envision that."

After another couple of questions, Gailey was asked, "So you forsee him being in the mix for next season at this point?" Gailey said, "Oh sure. To be honest with you that’d be kinda dumb not to think that, the way the guy's played. I mean, he’s played extremely well. How would you not think that?"

"Hey, I don’t give anything away," Gailey said. "Guys earn it. He’s earned it."

So that suggests a change in thinking at the top of the organization about the quarterback position, is that fair to say? 

“Don’t read anything into it," Gailey said. "The guy's playing extremely well. I’m not even thinking about next year. I’m thinking about the Pittsburgh Steelers. That’s all I’m thinking about. Y’all are getting way ahead of this thing."

---Mark Gaughan



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