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Late-night laughs

Are the Bills a national laughingstock? Well, maybe. Stevie Johnson's dropped pass and subsequent tweets were mentioned in Monday night's monologues by both Jay Leno (NBC) and Jimmy Kimmel (ABC), according to transcripts compiled at

Said Leno: "How about the Buffalo Bills? Just minutes after Buffalo Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson dropped the game winning pass in the end zone, he went on Twitter and blamed God. … Hey, he thought God made him drop the pass. The Buffalo Bills are 2-9. God gave up on the Bills a long time ago."

Kimmel: "The Bills lost to the Steelers in overtime thanks primarily to a pass wide receiver Steve Johnson dropped in the end zone. … After the game, he lashed out on Twitter at who? At God. That's right. He said, 'I praise you 24/7!!!!!! And this how you do me!!!!! You expect me to learn from this??? How???!!! I'll never forget this!! Ever!!! Thx tho…' God tweeted back, 'LOL' and 'It's all good.' I got news for you: God doesn't tweet. God's thumbs are too big to tweet. By the way, if God cared about you at all, he wouldn't have you playing for the Bills."

--Greg Connors


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