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Leno kicks Bills while they're down

With the NFL's worst record, the Bills have been the laughingstock of the league and easy pickings for amateur comedians of all stripes.

Wednesday, a professional took his turn. News Staff Reporter Charlie Specht reports that Jay Leno fired off a couple of Bills-themed one-liners during his "Tonight Show" monologue that evening.

Joke No. 1: "Did anybody see Army's new camouflage uniforms? The Buffalo Bills actually asked if they
could borrow them to sneak out of the stadium after their next game."

And Joke No. 2: "The Buffalo Bills, they're 0 and 7 now. Their quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick, is actually a
Harvard graduate. That just proves that even in today's economy even a Harvard degree can land
you a dead-end job." (The Bills jokes start at 4:30 into the show, and you'll just have to watch a short ad at the beginning of the video.)


--- Stephen T. Watson

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