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Merriman era may not include a game

Linebacker Shawne Merriman's career with the Buffalo Bills may not include an actual game. That surprising piece of news was revealed by coach Chan Gailey today during his Monday press conference with the Buffalo media.

Gailey was first asked if Merriman would practice this week.

"I don't see, that, no. I don't see that this week," the coach said.

That led to Gailey being asked about Merriman's chance to play Sunday against Pittsburgh.

"I'm not confident about this week at all," was the coach's response.

Merriman was claimed off waivers from the San Diego Chargers by the Bills on Nov. 3. He's being paid $1.7 million for the final nine weeks of the season, at which time his contract expires.

Later in the interview, Gailey was asked whether Merriman would suit up at all this season for the Bills.

"I don't know. That's a good question. I think that would be something that I would have to address each and every week, to see where he is and see what the doctors say and see what's going to happen with that. I don't know that yet," the coach said.

Told he didn't sound confident Merriman could eventually play, Gailey responded: "Well, I'm not. There's got to be something that gives me confidence. Nobody's said, 'ok, you can expect him in two weeks. Nobody's said that yet."

---Jay Skurski


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