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Draft spot: 2nd to 9th

The Bills currently stand fourth in the selection order for the 2011 NFL Draft. They could rise as high as second or fall as low as ninth, depending on the results of the final week of games on Sunday.

The Bills currently would lose out in a tie-breaker with any team in the draft order. But it's close with a couple of them. Week 16 was not a good one in the tie-breaker race for the Bills, because nine of the 13 teams on the Bills' schedule won. 

The current draft order, followed by the team's record and the number of wins by the opponents on each team's schedule:

1. Carolina 2-13 (136). 2. Denver 4-11 (121). 3. Cincinnati 4-11 (139). 4. Buffalo 4-11 (140). 5. Arizona 5-10 (109). 6. San Francisco 5-10 (116). 7. Dallas 5-10 (121). 8t. Houston 5-10 (129). 8t. Detroit 5-10 (129). 10. Cleveland 5-10 (135).

As you all probably know, the team with the harder schedule picks later in the draft order, when there's a tie in the record. Head to head games mean nothing.

The final week's relevant games:

San Diego at Denver. Cincinnati at Baltimore. Buffalo at Jets. Arizona at San Francisco. Dallas at Philadelphia. Jacksonville at Houston. Minnesota at Detroit. Pittsburgh at Cleveland.

Since Arizona and San Francisco meet, one of them is guaranteed to draft later than the Bills.

The Jets have very little motivation this week. Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Jacksonville have big motivation. Philadelphia has little motivation.

---Mark Gaughan




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