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Fitz: Beard's days numbered

Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick said his shaggy beard will not survive the end of the season.

Asked if he would cut it after the season-finale against the New York Jets on Jan. 2, Fitzpatrick said: "Yes, definitely."

Fitzpatrick has been growing the beard all season. It's very full around the mouth and chin and kind of splotchy on the sides. He was asked Wednesday if he has been asked to take part in any Civil War re-enactment festivities. (He hasn't.)

"I think there are probably plenty of people who want me to trim it or cut it up, especially of the female variety," Fitzpatrick said. "I've gotten a lot of different comments and stuff, (like) how does your wife deal with that. But it's part of it. She's along for the ride."

Asked if his wife is counting the days on the calendar until he shaves it off, Fitz said: "Yeah. I think so."

---Mark Gaughan



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