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McCargo to be active

After 11 games on the inactive list, Bills defensive end John McCargo is expected to finally be in uniform on Sunday against Minnesota. The Bills are a little short-handed on the defensive line with end Dwan Edwards going on injured reserve and backup nose tackle Torell Troup questionable with a leg injury. End Spencer Johnson is returning from a two-week absence due to an ailing hamstring.

McCargo got some reps at Troup's spot in practice Friday. McCargo said afterward that all signs point to him playing.

“Unless something changes in the next two days, I’ve been told I’ll be up,’’ McCargo said Friday after practice. “I’m excited about it.’’

 It has been a long time coming for McCargo, who made the team even though he seemed like an ill-fit for the Bills' 3-4 defense. The 2004 first-round draft pick was a huge disappointment in the 4-3, too, so his lack of playing time just re-enforced the belief that he is officially a bust. 

Even McCargo began to question his ability.

“It’s been real difficult because when you’re used to playing and then you don’t it takes a lot of adjusting and it takes a lot of soul-searching,’’ he said. “You start to ask yourself, ‘Do I really still have it?’ It tests your patience, but you just have to stay focused and just try to do the little things right because most of the time it’s the little things that keep you from playing.’’

McCargo might suit up, but there's no guarantee he'll play. That depends on whether Troup is ruled inactive after pre-game warmups. McCargo has plenty of incentive to play well if he gets in the game. He'll be a free agent at the end of the season, so he needs to put something on film for other teams to should some interest.

---Allen Wilson

---Allen Wilson 


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