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Stevie: It's all good

Bills receiver Stevie Johnson said Wednesday he's not worried about being able to put the memory of "the drop" behind him.

Johnson wore a T-shirt that read: "It's all good" while talking to reporters and said that reflects his attitude toward the TD pass he dropped in overtime vs. Pittsburgh Sunday.

"I’ve been able to put it behind me," Johnson said. "I haven’t forgotten about it but I’m able to move on.
I feel like I learned I’m not in control. I’m not in control of the situations, and I thought I was. I was getting to the point where I felt I was in control of every situation I was in."

Asked what he meant by being in control, Johnson said: "My play on the field. When plays are called I just felt like I was in control. I was watching the Boise game and I seen what happened with the kicker. I was like, things happen. That kind of stuff happens. I can forgive him for that. But if it happens to me I’ll be able to make the play. You know. But it came down to it, and I didn’t."

Johnson reiterated that he was not blaming God in his twitter message Sunday. He said he was simply lamenting to God about his situation. He said he was surprised that so many people responded.

"I didn’t expect it to be how it was," Johnson said. "That’s why it’s still on my (twitter) page. I didn’t delete it, because I didn’t mean it how they put it. I was simply asking why, and it blew up. It happened. I’m going to move forward."

Johnson said he got a call from Bills great Andre Reed on Tuesday. "He just said it happens to the best of us," Johnson said.

Asked what encouraged him about the response to his drop, Johnson said: "Simply put: The Buffalo Bills’ family. The guys now and the guys of the past, and even other teams. They said they have my back, they have my support. They just showed they still roll with me."

---Mark Gaughan




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