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Suggs picks Fitz over Brady on Pro Bowl ballot

Baltimore Ravens Terrell Suggs has such a distain for the Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady that the veteran linebacker will take any opportunity to stick it to them. That's exactly what Suggs did after receiving his Pro Bowl ballot this week.

Asked by Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports whom he voted for, Suggs relied, "Philip Rivers. Peyton Manning,'' and after pausing for effect, he added, "And Ryan Fitzpatrick.''

Fitzpatrick, who finished out of the top five among AFC quarterbacks in the fan voting, would no doubt be flattered by Suggs' vote. Suggs might even be sincere given the way Fitz lit up the Ravens' defense earlier this season. But leaving Brady off the ballot entirely? Really? Fitzpatrick has had a good year, but it pales considerably in comparison to Brady's season.

Not voting for Brady makes about as much sense as those who omitted Auburn's Cam Newton from their Heisman Trophy ballot.

Suggs said part of his reasoning was Brady probably didn't vote for him either. But why Brady vote for Suggs, who hasn't played like a Pro Bowler this season? Brady also doesn't need Suggs' support. He's a lock to be the Pro Bowl starter, assuming the Patriots aren't in the Super Bowl the following week.

He won the fan vote and will be a runaway winner with the players' and coaches'. Brady also is the odds-on favorite to win his second NFL MVP award.

So in the end, Suggs' no vote won't make a bit of difference except in his own mind.

---Allen Wilson





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