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TEs not on loose

The Bills are likely to finish last in the NFL in catches by tight ends this season. The Bills have 19 catches by their TEs. Next lowest are Arizona's TEs and Denver's TEs, both of which have combined for 24 catches.

Today's story in the Buffalo News takes a closer look at the Bills' use of tight ends this season.

Actually, the numbers on the use of the tight ends are a further indictment of the design of last year's offense. The Bills used the tight ends a ton last year and got few plays out of them. They're using them very little this year and getting few plays out of them. It's a net gain this year. The Bills used a two-tight-end formation on 373 of 911 plays last season (41 percent). They used four wide receivers on just 18 plays last year (1.9 percent). Instead of putting Roscoe Parrish on the field, they had Derek Schouman out there (or somebody else).

This year they have used two tight ends on 77 of 792 plays (9.7 percent). They have used four wide receivers on 231 plays (29.2 percent).

There are 14 teams that are on track to have a tight end catch 50 passes this year. The last Bills tight end to hit the 50-catch mark was Jay Riemersma in 2001.

---Mark Gaughan



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