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Bills to pick third in draft

Late drama in the AFC South had a big impact on the Buffalo Bills late this afternoon.

Adam Vinatieri's last-second field goal that gave Indianapolis a 23-20 win over the Tennessee Titans also moved the Bills into the third spot in April's draft, ahead of Cincinnati.

Carolina, which finished 2-14, has the No. 1 pick.

The Denver Broncos, Bills and Bengals all finished at 4-12, with the Broncos getting the second pick because they had the easiest schedule. Denver's opponents finished with 131 wins (either St. Louis or Seattle will likely add a win to that total in the night game), for a winning percentage of .516 (again, that will change slightly after the night game).

That's a much easier schedule than the Bills and Bengals faced. Buffalo's opponents went 148-108, for a winning percentage of .578.

Cincinnati's opponents won one more game, going 149-107, for a winning percentage of .582, a razor-thin amount better than the Bills.

Since teams with an easier schedule pick earlier, the Bills draft before the Bengals. So, Vinatieri's kick, coupled with Oakland beating Kansas City, and Houston beating Jacksonville, moved the Bills up a slot.

Much thanks to Mark Gaughan for his help in the math.

---Jay Skurski


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