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Newton shows form, for what it's worth

INDIANAPOLIS - Auburn quarterback Cam Newton showed off his fluid throwing motion and tight spirals - not all of which were on target - during the NFL Scouting Combine workouts Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Newton has a classic over-the-top motion and a consistent release point on his throws. He hit 11 of 21 passes after helping out receivers on across-the-field routes.

The significance of the workout? Pretty minimal. The combine throw-and-catch session is football in shorts, which is to say it's far from the real thing.

Newton was two-for-three on deep post-corner routes, his best throws of the day. The post-corner routes were the last passes of the workout. He took a little off his first throw to get a completion and was a little long with throw number two. No. 3 was perfect
His most consistent throws were the 17-yard ``turn-ins’’ to his left and 12-yard ``turn ins’’ to his right, completing five of six of those throws.

Florida State's Christian Ponder had a pretty good session, connecting on most of his throws. Iowa's Ricky Stanzi struggled big-time with his accuracy, missing receivers high, low and wide. Virginia Tech's Tyrod Taylor completed almost all of his passes, but he took a tad off the throws, enabling for more completions.

In the morning session, Arakansas' Ryan Mallett showed the strongest arm and was excellent on his deep-ball accuracy. Washington's Jake Locker had a decent showing. Nevada's Colin Kaepernick showed inconsistency on his deep throws.

---Mark Gaughan


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