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Nix not a big trade-down guy

INDIANAPOLIS -- Bills General Manager Buddy Nix said he will consider any and all offers for trades with the No. 3 pick in the NFL Draft. However, chances are the Bills will have someone they really like at No. 3. Nix and the Bills did not do a lot of trading in the 1990s during the John Butler regime. There were some trades (notably the Eli Manning deal), but not a lot, during Nix's tenure in San Diego.

Asked if the Bills would shop the No. 3 pick, Nix said: "I wouldn’t ever say we wouldn’t do it. But I never have been one to do a lot of that. We just never have. I don’t like giving up a player, especially if you’re sold on one. If the guys you think merit at 3 are gone, then I think you’ve got to look at moving back. We need as many picks as we can get, in fact they ought to give us two in every round."

"If there’s a guy that you are dead set on getting, you better take him and not move down and think you can get him at No. 7. Because you might not and then you don’t have the player. If there’s a guy we’re dead set on we’re gonna take him."

---Mark Gaughan



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