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Weather woes

DALLAS -- As hard as it is to believe given the part of the country we're in, this will go down as one of the worse Super Bowls ever in terms of weather.

An ice storm earlier this week resulted in traffic jams caused by disabled cars, forced the Dallas-Forth Worth Airport to cancel arrivals and departures and closed schools. On Thursday night, as much as five inches of snow fell in the Dallas-Forth Worth area, which is known as the Metroplex.

Even worse has been the frigid temperatures that have not risen above 20 degrees the past five days and featured minus-zero wind chills the first half of the week.

The weather delayed fans and celebrities from descending on North Texas and has made the lives of local residents, who aren't used to snow and ice, miserable.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell tried to put a positive spin on the weather conditions, saying temperatures are improving. That's true. It's supposed to get up into the 40s by Sunday, about 35 degrees colder than last weekend.

---Allen Wilson


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