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Dinner with Buddy & Cam

Auburn quarterback Cam Newton got thumbs-up reviews from numerous observers Tuesday for having virtually no "entourage" at his school's pro-day workout for NFL scouts. His father, and his agent, Bus Cook, were not at the stadium. He showed up for the start of the pro-day at 12:30 p.m. and supported his teammates, even though he wasn't throwing until four hours later.

However, Newton's agents - Cook and Tony Paige - were in attendance with Newton at dinner Monday night with Bills General Manager Buddy Nix, according to's Gil Brandt. Brandt is the personnel legend from the Dallas Cowboys who attends a bunch of the biggest pro-day events.

Here's the full interview with Nix and a few reporters after the workout:

Q: Do you like Cam and Nick? A: "Sure. Absolutely. I think everybody has got those two."

Q: Did you get what you wanted out of Cam? A: "I tell you this, workouts are a small piece of the puzzle. We go by how they play. If the throwing is good, you can tell something about their release, you can tell something about his arm. But the only way you can tell how a guy can play quarterback is when he’s being rushed and you’ve got coverage and you’ve got to throw it in a tight spot and you’ve got pressure on you. That’s kind of what we go by…the biggest percentage, anyway. Eighty percent, probably.

Q: What did you think of Fairley in drills? A: "If anybody can tell if a guy can play football running through dummies, he’s better than I am. But you do see athletic ability. He has great ability, feet, speed and bursts and all of those things. He’s a good player. He makes plays on Saturday, and he’ll make them again on Sundays."

Q: How much does this figure into your judgment? A: "It’s just a little piece of the puzzle. It’s like the Wonderlic test. If you get a guy who makes a low score, then it’s a red flag for you. It makes you spend time researching to see if he can learn football. It’s the same way out here. If a guy runs a slow 40, or a slow 10, yet he plays fast, then that’s what you go by."

Q: What did you think of some specific throws by Newton? A: "If you’re not careful sometimes, you’ll let the percentage of the completions fool you with a quarterback a lot of them are 0-to-9-yard passes. You’d like to see him throw the corner routes and the deep routes and see what kind of accuracy he has with that. People talk about the quarterback and where he releases the ball. The main thing is to get it out on time and hit what you aim at."

Q: Did you learn something about Cam today you didn’t know? "No. He did good, and I expected him to."

---Mark Gaughan


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