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Joe D appeals for retired players

NFL players who played before 1993 receive significantly less benefits than those who played after. Bills Hall of Famer Joe DeLamielleure makes an appeal for both sides in the NFL labor dispute to settle their differences and funnel better benefits to older retired players.

Current players no longer have to deal with the following: 1) AstroTurf 2) the “wedge” 3) head slap 4) head to head contact 5) hits to the quarterback 6) “bump and run” 7) chop block 8 ) horse collar and neck tie tackles 9) contact for the long snapper 10) 4-6 weeks of “doubles” in training camp…w/pads 11) $99.00 per week total for preseason, training, and games 12) $1,500.00 to the winner of the Pro Bowl … loser got $1,250.00 13) No compensation for use of image.

I am honored to be a Pro Football Hall of Famer, class of 2003. At the inductions every year I get to enjoy the company of the great players of the game. Some don’t even get $200.00 per month in their pensions. We have a fund for destitute Hall of Famers. This is wrong. ... Help us. We certainly helped owners and player alike. The league was built on our backs. With 9 Billion + dollars……… figure it out. Here's a link to DeLamielleure's letter, posted on the NFL alumni Fourth and Goal Unites website:

---Mark Gaughan




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