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The Road to the Draft: LB Brooks Reed


Brooks Reed, LB, Arizona

6-foot-2 1-2, 262 pounds

Draft projection: second or third round

Lowdown: One look at Arizona's Reed and the comparison is obvious: Clay Matthews. Like the Green Bay linebacking star, Reed has long blond hair sticking out the back of his helmet. He's a similar size and he has pretty good athleticism. The difference is Reed played defensive end in college. Matthews was a linebacker at Southern California. So scouts will have to judge how Reed can project at a new position. Reed had 34 starts in college and made 17 sacks. In 2010 he had 6.5 sacks. He was not great vs. the best competition in college. But he did have a pretty good week at the Senior Bowl. From Buffalo's perspective, he might not be good enough to go high in the second round. But he might not last until the start of the third round.

What does he think think of the Matthews comparisons? "He’s a great athlete. I know a lot of guys compare me to him just because of the hair. He’s a great athlete. He played in a system where he was a stand-up linebacker, whereas I’m trying to make that transition right now. I think it’s going to take me maybe a little bit more time to understand the position, but I think I have the athletic ability to do that. Athletically moving your hips I think I can do that. But there’s basic things about the positions, just new responsibilities that I’m not used to as a defensive end."

---Mark Gaughan


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