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Casserly leans to Miller at No. 3

Charley Casserly, the former NFL general manager and current NFL Network analyst, more or less said he likes Texas A&M pass rusher Von Miller for Buffalo with the third pick in the draft.

Casserly and Mike Lombardi, former Radiers personnel chief, did a conference call for reporters today. Here's Casserly assessing where the Bills stand: “I think with Buffalo, the most important thing is when you’re picking at this point in time, you’ve got to get a player. You keep adding players to the team. They have a couple of offensive linemen in (Andy) Levitre and (Eric) Wood. Those are good solid prospects there. But the tackle position is a problem. There’s no tackle to take here (at No. 3). The best players that they’re going to face (look at) are going to be (Patrick) Peterson, the corner at LSU. The most fascinating pick is Von Miller, because the guy might be the cleanest player in the draft, an explosive up-field pass rusher. But you’re sitting there and you’ve got money invested in (Chris) Kelsay. You’ve got money invested in (Shawne) Merriman. So if you take him, money invested is going to be sitting on the bench. So that could enter into their thinking there.”

(It should be noted the Bills only have big money invested in Merriman if he pans out. If he does little this year, they can cut their ties with him. I don't think the money being paid at linebacker would prevent the Bills from taking Miller.)

Lombardi gave his assessment on where he thinks the Bills' team stands: "Buffalo obviously has to improve at both offensive and defensive lines. When you watch their team, they break down in the offensive line. It puts a lot of pressure on the quarterback. They have a difficult time running the football. They have a difficult time pass protecting. Then defensively, they can’t get any pass rush. It's very difficult for them to pressure the quarterback. So whenever you look at a team in my viewpoint that’s losing, it starts with not having enough blue-chip players in either the offensive or defensive line. I think that lends itself to what I think they need to accomplish. They also have to look at their quarterback situation and feel like how far they can go with Ryan Fitzpatrick? And how the two players in this draft compare to him and how far they think they can go? So those are the two areas that I would most focus on if I was in Buffalo.”

---Mark Gaughan



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