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Modrak: "We got to nail picks."

Poor drafting has been the primary reason for the Bills' decade-long run of mediocrity. Tom Modrak, the vice president of college scouting, admits the team has had some misses during his tenure.

With the third overall pick and four picks in the top 100, General Manager Buddy Nix said "You really should get a lot better this year.'' That means the Bills can't whiff on these selections.

“It obviously is extremely important,’’ Modrak said during Tuesday's pre-draft news conference. “Especially where we’re picking, we’ve got to hit it on the nose. There’s no way around it. We got to get it done and we’ve got to hit those picks – hard.

 “We have certainly had our misses at the top. We’ve done pretty well in the middle and at the end. On the glamour-kind of picks, we’ve missed on them. It’s regrettable, but we’ve tried to make up for it in other areas. Will this draft, you’re going to try to solve some of those problems. I don’t think we can solve all of them, but we’re going try to solve some of them. If we can do that and keep making progress, that’s a good thing.’’

---Allen Wilson


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