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The Road to the Draft: OT Kevin Hughes


Kevin Hughes, OL, Southeast Louisiana
6-foot-4, 302 pounds
Draft projection: fifth or sixth round

Lowdown: A New Orleans native, Hughes was forced to leave his home before his senior year of high school due to Hurricane Katrina. He had to move north and live with his grandmother. He didn’t even start playing football until 10th grade and didn't start until 11th grade. It’s no wonder he wound up at Southeast Louisiana, where started for three years, a total of 36 games. He played right tackle in 2008, left tackle in 2009 and 2010. He’s a tad under 6-4, not ideal for an NFL tackle and his testing numbers weren’t great. But his footwork isn’t bad. He might be able to handle the job. He has acceptable arm length for a tackle (34.3 inches). The question is how he deals with making a jump up to a much higher level of competition. He’s the first player ever from SE-LA to get a combine invitation. He will be the first player from that former I-AA school drafted since 1984.

“I feel I’m very versatile,” Hughes said at the combine on whether he can play guard or tackle. “When I come to the NFL, I’ll see where they want me.”

---Mark Gaughan


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