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Von Miller's freakish skills

Most NFL personnel people and draft analysts agree that Texas A&M outside linebacker Von Miller is the best pass rusher in the draft. Most also agree he'd be the perfect fit in the Bills' 3-4 defense.

How good is Miller? This is how Bills regional scout Shawn Heinlen sized him up Thursday:

"A freak. His explosion and ability to change direction is very rare. In the 10 years I've been doing this I haven't seen anybody at that position change direction and have the explosion that he has. His ability to bend the corner, absorb contact and continue to progress around the corner is something that amazes. It's absolutely unique.''

It may be sacrilege to compare anyone to Bills great Bruce Smith, but Miller has the same ability to get low and maintain his balance rushing the passer as Smith used to become NFL career sacks leader.

"Von is the same thing, obviously in a smaller package,'' Heinlen said. "But he's got that same ability to be able to do that where he's low to the ground but yet he's able to maintain his power and leverage and his speed and take on the contact from the tackle and just continue to progress. It's a rare trait that I haven't seen in any linebacker that I looked at.''

Heinlen said Miller will have to get better against the run, particularly in setting the edge. Miller didn't do much pass dropping last season because of an ankle injury, so he'll need work in that area as well.

"But he's so good at rushing the passer, there's a reason why [Texas A&M] stopped having him cover guys instead of going and getting after the quarterback. The other things he's going to have to work on, but has the ability to do. He just has to hone those skills.''

---Allen Wilson



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