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Dareus eager to get to know teammates

Bills first-round draft pick Marcell Dareus showed up to be with his teammates at their workout Wednesday, even though he can't do much on the field in the way of running around.

Dareus, like the other rookies at the workout, isn't under contract with the Bills. He figures to sign a huge deal, regardless of whether a rookie wage scale is imposed in the NFL for this year. But he can't afford to risk injury and threaten the terms of that deal. So he lifted some weights but stayed mostly out of the way for on-field conditioning drills, which involved a lot of running around at the indoor facility in Elma.

Dareus pooh-poohed the suggestion it was big of him to come from his home in Alabama for two days of workouts.  

"Its nothing," he said. "There was not a doubt in my mind I’m not coming. My agent was like, "Marcell you’ve got to do the insurance thing, you’re not covered with them (the Bills) yet. I said, 'You know Todd (France), I still want to go out there and show my face. I'm the first pick. The (Bills' players) were kind of like, 'We want him out here.' I'm not going to turn them down, because I’ve got to show some kind of support because I do want to be out here. I'm kind of excited. They wanted me out here, so im here."

Dareus spent a good 20 minutes after the workout talking with Bills veteran defensive linemen Dwan Edwards and Spencer Johnson about the Bills' defensive tactics.

"Picking their brain," Dareus said. "Talking to them about heavy 5 (technique), 4s and tilts and everything. They’re kind of getting me to come along."

Dareus will line up at defensive end in the 3-4 defense in regular situations and move inside to defensive tackle when the Bills go to a four-man line on passing downs. That's no change for him.

"They run the same defense we ran at Alabama," he said. "It’s pretty big. I’m kind of excited. It’s a blessing to come in and make a smooth transition. I'm all about smooth transitions. And learn from the guys. They know the defense, I know the defense, so we kinda got an upper hand on it. They really just help me technique-wise."

---Mark Gaughan


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