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Kiper says OT Hairston key

ESPN analyst Mel Kiper liked the Bills' draft. He gave it a grade of B. Only nine teams got a higher grade. He says fourth-round pick Chris Hairston is the one guy who could make the Bills' draft an A-plus.

On why Kiper gave the Bills a B: "It wasn’t so much the quarterback, it was the offensive line. You can only do so much. The offensive line saw a big drop off after the top group. So that’s why I think the key guy is going to be Chris Hairston. Chris Hairston has a lot of ability. He has a lot of potential and ability. I think he’s not yet where he needs to be. But any time you get a kid who’s 6-6 1-4, 325 pounds and is a pretty good athlete and is very, very strong in the upper body. I mean he has incredibly long arms. This kid’s a talent. I think the outside pass rushers, how much trouble they give him, he’s got to get quicker out of his stance do a better job of maintaining his frame between the defensive end and the quarterback and all that. But that will come with coaching. The offensive line coach there is going to be critical to Hairston because he needs some coahcing. The offensive line coach has to develop this kid. If they do they could have a very good pick there."

---Mark Gaughan


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