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Rookie Symposium set

One week after the NFL canceled its annual rookie symposium because of the ongoing lockout, the NFL Players Association announced plans to stage its own two-day educational program for rookies on June 28 and 29 in Washington, D.C.

The NFLPA will cover the expenses for all 254 drafted players to attend.

Calling it "The Business of Football, Rookie Edition,'' the NFLPA-sponsored forum will cover financial education and planning, proper behavior on and off the field and provide other information to help rookies prepare for their future in the NFL.

The NFL decided against hosting a rookie symposium because it wouldn't have been able to get all the people together that's needed to conduct the event. Players association spokesman George Atallah said the organization chose to hold a symposium because "it's the right thing to do.''

He's right of course, but it's a shame this won't be a joint venture. Given the amount of money teams will be investing in these rookies, it would be in their best interest to be a part of lecturing these young players on what and what not to do. And the NFLPA should have been willing to work with the NFL so the NFL didn't have to cancel its symposium.

But it's better to have someone hosting a symposium than no one at all.

---Allen Wilson


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