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Torbor on group lifting

Bills veteran linebacker Reggie Torbor said there's a significant benefit to working out in the weight room with a big group of teammates, as the Bills players did this week during sessions in Elma.

“The competition was the thing that was really great," Torbor said. "We kind of laughed. We said we’ve been fooling ourselves. It’s one thing to go in a gym and work out by yourself. You need a little break, and you take your little break. But when you have guys pushing you, they don’t let you take breaks. It was turned up. So it was a good gauge to see how far we actually have to go to be ready to play football.”

Torbor said it was good to talk to rookies about defensive schemes and ways in which they might not be able to free-lance as much as they did in college. “Even their mentality has to change," he said. "We try to talk about plays and we’re talking about schemes. And they’re like, ‘Well why can’t I do this?' You’re not in college. They’re kind of set in their ways. They’re still thinking, ‘I can do it.’ It starts the process. Even for the older guys it was good to see everyone. We haven’t seen each other in months."

---Mark Gaughan


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