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Amherst native at center of NFL lockout case

Due to random judicial assignments -- and the recusals of two judges who cited conflicts -- Amherst native Susan Richard Nelson has found herself getting national renown as the U.S. District Court judge who heard the NFL players' request for a temporary injunction to stop the lockout imposed by league owners on March 12.

Nelson agreed with the players' argument and ordered NFL teams to reopen their doors in April. But her decision was soon put on hold by the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit in St. Louis, which sided with the owners by a 2-1 vote. A hearing was held in the same appellate court Friday to determine if the lockout will remain in place permanently. It is not known when the three-judge panel will make its decision.

In a Sunday exclusive in today's print editions of The Buffalo News, News Sports Reporter Allen Wilson profiles Nelson through interviews with the judge and those who know her best. Get the story on newsstands today.

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