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Kelly praises Fitz

Jim Kelly said Friday night he was all for the decision to stick with Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback this season.

Said Kelly: "I totally agree with sticking with Fitzpatrick. As a matter of fact I've been with him for the last two-three weeks and have been so impressed with the knowledge he has of the offense, how he goes about it. I've been with him because my nephew Chad's been working out with him also and just watching how he communicates with the receivers and how they listen to every single word that comes out of his mouth. Whether it's Lee Evans or whoever it may be, if there's something he didn't like he'll tell them and vice versa. ... Just watching how they work together is something I like and brought back memories to when we went on strike (in 1987). I remember going to UB and having our practices. ... The receivers and quarterbacks need that timing."

Kelly, meanwhile, laughed at concerns that Buffalo could be a target for Los Angeles investors who want to bring a team to that city. "That's good; that's funny right there," Kelly said. "Whether it's Jacksonville, whoever the team is, Buffalo, there's probably five or six, I think, other teams L.A.'s gonna try to lure to go there. Buffalo won't be one of them."

---Mark Gaughan


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