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Michaels talks 2 for LA

NFL power brokers like Patriots owner Robert Kraft have made it clear that having two teams in Los Angeles would be an ideal scenario for the league. If a billion-dollar stadium ever gets built, why not make full use of it, as the league does in New York?

NBC broadcaster and L.A. resident Al Michaels reiterated that thinking in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times. Said Michaels, who recently accompanied Kraft on a trip to Israel: "There's no question in my mind that if a stadium gets built, they'll start with one team but get another team. The league may not come out and say this overtly, but where would you rather play a Super Bowl than Los Angeles? It's a great sports town, it's always been a great sports town. People denigrate it because people leave a Dodger game early. Does that mean you're not a great sports fan?"

More Michaels from the Times on L.A.'s reputation as a blase sports town: “It's a great sports town. What really bothers me is that when I see it written that L.A. won't support professional football because everybody is off surfing. So let me get this straight: In Southern California there's like 15 million people or something, and they're all out surfing, on a Sunday? When they say you won't have enough support, I say excuse me, so you can't sell 75,000 tickets on a Sunday? Of course you can."

---Mark Gaughan


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