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Wannstedt makes most of time

New Bills assistant head coach Dave Wannstedt would rather be coaching players in minicamp right now, but he admits he has benefitted some from the delay in the start of the NFL year due to the lockout.

"We’ve had a good offseason from a standpoint we have a good plan," Wannstedt said today at the Jim Kelly Celebrity Golf Tournament. "We’ve already gone through the first four-five opponents and some preseason stuff. It’s been good for me. Being out of the NFL for six years, being in the college ranks, I’ve really taken advantage of this time to see what has changed. So I’ve been studying some of our opponents, some non-oppoents, just to see what different people are doing."

Wannstedt on the affect of losing spring practices on coaching staffs: "You’re going to really have to make up your mind what you’re going to spend your time on. That’s probably going to be the No. 1 thing. In the past, we’ve got the offseason, we can experiment with it, if we get to training camp and we don’t like it, we can get rid of it, we can juggle things around. There’s not going to be that luxury now. … I think early on you’re going to probably see teams - I don’t want to say conservative – but you can only do so much if you want to do it good, and I think that’s the key."

Wannstedt on Bills No. 1 draft chice Marcell Dareus: "When we’re in our 4-3 look or our under or over front, he can play a 3-technique. If we jump into the 3-4 he can play end. He’s done both. He’s played some nose guard. His defensive line coach was Sal Sunseri. Sal went to Pitt, was an All-American at Ptit. His son, Tino was my quarterback at Pitt. So I talked to Sal. Dareus is an impressive guy. You always try to make comparisons with guys. He’s got a very upbeat personality. The first time I met him, he came in and spent the weekend. We went to dinner, some of us coaches, and he reminded me a little bit of a guy I had in Miami, Cortez Kennedy. Cortez had that upbeat, bubbly, great personality off the field. But when you got on the field you had a difficult time blocking him."

Wannstedt also said he was encouraged by what he has seen on tape from young Bills D-linemen Torell Troup and Alex Carrington.

"We had that one day of open (contact) where I got a chance to talk to players," he said. "I met (Andra) Davis. I met Poz (Paul Posluszny). I met (Reggie) Torbor. I’m excited to meet these guys. I’ve just been watching them on film for four months. I think we have some good young players. Some guys who didn’t play much last year, particularly on defense. A couple of those young linemen I think have a chance to develop and be players. The one thing I would say in the short exposure I had to these kids, for the difficult year that we had last year. I was very impressed by the upbeat, positive attitude that this football team has right now."

---Mark Gaughan


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