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New uni features

Besides the return to royal blue as the team's primary color and a switch from red to white helmets, here are some of the other new features on the uniforms: The charging buffalo is above the name on the back of the jersey. The “Bills” wordmark is on the front of the jersey, above the number. (Arizona and Minnesota are the only other teams with their name logo on that spot.) The facemask is gray, not white. The red stripe on the helmet (between two blue stripes) widens as it goes to the back of the helmet, similar to the way the streak on the side of the charging buffalo widens. The buffalo logo is on the side of the pants. The stripes on the side of the sleeves are sort of a combination of the ‘60s and ‘70s styles. On the road jersey, there are two royal blue stripes, bordered by thin navy and red stripes. The road jerseys have royal blue numbers, with red then navy bordering.

Said Bills great Steve Tasker: "They’re a little bit of a modernized, tricked-out version of what we had when I played. When you put the helmet on top of it, it really jumps out. I love it. I think it looks great. From the top down to the black and white or the black and red shoes, the detail of the navy blue outlining the numbers on the jerseys and the charging buffalo and the back of the jersey and pants it’s really good. A lot of detail when into it and it looks great."

Said Hall of Famer Jim Kelly: "The uniforms remind me of back when we played which is a big plus. But what I like more than anything is the helmet. The white and how the charging buffalo charges, even though the tradition back in the 1960s was the standing buffalo, I’m all for going forward. The charging buffalo and aggressiveness stands out more on the white helmet, so that’s pretty cool. I like it."

---Mark Gaughan


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