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No surprise for Bills in franchise rank

The Bills ranked 107th out of 122 major sports franchises in a ranking by ESPN the Magazine that came out today. It's no surprise for a franchise that has missed the playoffs 11 straight years. The Sabres ranked 11th out of 122, which is somewhat of a surprise. The exercise, of course, is a way to create some news in one of the slowest times on the sports calendar. Green Bay ranked No. 1, followed by the Tampa Bay Lightning, New Orleans Saints, L.A. Angels, San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder, Pittsburgh Steelers, Colorado Rockies, Memphis Grizzlies and Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Lightning and Thunder over the Steelers, Yankees and Red Sox??? Whatever. Magazines must be sold. And blogs must be filled, as evidenced by this post.

The teams were ranked in eight categories. Breaking down the categories, here's where the Bills ranked: Ownership, 106th; Players, 108th, Bang for the Buck (how efficiently the team converts dollars from fans into on-field wins), 99th; Fan Relations, 106th; Stadium Experience, 106th; Affordability, 19th; Title Track, 109th; and Coaching, 94th. The breakdown for the Sabres: Ownership, 25th; Players, 49th; Bang for the Buck, 10th; Fan Relations, 18th; Stadium Experience, 52nd; Affordability, 6th; Title Track, 63rd; and Coaching, 12th. The NFL teams below the Bills were: Washington, 121; and Cincinnati, 122. The Toronto Maple Leafs were 120th.

---Mark Gaughan


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