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Smerlas' praise for Talley

Former Bills great Fred Smerlas had high praise for former teammate Darryl Talley on Monday. Asked about Talley's induction into the College Football Hall of Fame, Smerlas said: "Talley was one of the greatest guys I ever played with. We both hated (former Bills head coach) Hank Bullough equally, and that was what drove him out. The dumbest human being ever. We called him the brain cell. … But anyway, what you see externally is not exactly what he is. Talley was a brilliant football guy. He told Bruce (Smith) what to do all the time, and Bruce is a very smart guy.  Football-wise, Talley was as tough as there is, as smart as there is, an unbelievable teammate. He never got the credit. He was one of the great players of all time, a brilliant football guy."

Smerlas was a Bills team leader during the 1987 players strike. He says the players are going to have to make some concessions to the owners to end the current labor standoff.

Said Smerlas: “The owners want sovereignty. … Right now the split they have is not working for them. They’re bound and determined to get some of that back. It could be a long time. I think with the amount of money and the amount of people that get affected, there’s gonna be pressure. The government can put pressure on the NFL because the CBA gives them an exemption from anti-trust laws. Federal officials can say, ‘Listen, you want your exemption? Work it out.’ There’s going to be some give-backs by the NFLPA.”

---Mark Gaughan 


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