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Russert nails 'worsts'

NBC News correspondent Luke Russert was a guest on the ProFootballTalk website for the latest installment of each teams' "worst moments" since the last work stoppage - in 1987. It was hard to quibble with Russert's list of the Bills' five worst moments in that time period:

5-Week 17 loss at home to Pittsburgh's backups (29-24), which (probably) cost the Bills a playoff spot.

4-He squeezed two into this one - the 25-24 Monday night loss to Dallas in 2007 and the 25-24 Monday night loss at New England in the 2009 opener.

3-The Super Bowl 28 loss to Dallas in Atlanta.

2-The Immaculate Deception loss at Tennessee in the 2000 Wild Card playoff game.

1-The Super Bowl 25 loss to the Giants in Tampa.

"There are so many to choose from," Russert said. Now ... if he had to pick the five "ugliest" losses since '87 ... well, there just isn't enough time or space - even on the internet - to handle that task (although News columnist Jerry Sullivan has tried several times). The link to Russert's video is at

---Mark Gaughan



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