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Gailey even-keeled about loss

DENVER - Bills coach Chan Gailey was taking a learn-and-move-on attitude about Saturday night's loss to the Broncos.

When it was first-teamers vs. first-teamers on the field, the Bills were outscored, 14-3, and outgained, 138-90. Gailey wasn't thrilled, but he wasn't in a foul mood like he is after some defeats.

Said Gailey: "Pass defense starts with pass rush, we didn’t have a good enough four-man pass rush tonight to help our pass defense. We’ve got to get better there. I thought we played the run a lot better this week, throughout the whole ballgame. But with the ones, I think the ones had 60-some yards rushing against ‘em. I feel like we’re on track run-defense wise. We’ve just got a lot of work to do in the pass coverage and pass rush without blitzing ‘em every snap. "

"We wanted to see who could do what playing base defense. That was one of the theings going into the ballgame. Let guys play base defense and see where we are. So we didn’t throw a lot of blitz at ‘em. You’re able to see more where your deficiencies are if you just play base and let em play and then you can evaluate where we are."

It's clear the Bills have concerns about their four-man rush if Shawne Merriman is not on the field. And on the other side of the line, pass protection is a worry. Left tackle Demetrius Bell had trouble with Denver's elite speed rushers. Gailey said the Bills intentionally didn't give the tackles any help in the way of chipping or slide protection. Right tackle Erik Pears, at first glance, seemed to do OK. Ditto for right guard Kraig Urbik, who struggled in the first preseason game.

---Mark Gaughan


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