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Jackson will wait and see

Bills running back Fred Jackson had a meeting with running backs coach Curtis Modkins, but he wanted to see how much he played Saturday in the third preseason game before deciding how he would proceed.

Jackson was told that he's the starting running back, which gave him the confirmation he wanted Monday when he voiced his frustration with the organization. Talk is cheap, as we know, so Jackson was waiting to see how much he played Saturday against Jacksonville.

"It’s easy to say something, but we’ll see what happens on Saturday, what my role is and what we do in the game," Jackson said. "This will be the one true game for us. Normally, for starters, and what you’re role is, it will definitely be determined this weekend."

Jackson was angry with playing time in practice that had been given to C.J. Spiller, the ninth pick of the 2010 NFL draft. He emphasized after practice today that he had no animosity toward his teammate. Spiller suggested the whole thing was overblown.

It's not a minor nuisance to Jackson, who said a few things still need to be "ironed out." He acknowledged that part of his beef is related to the Bills' failure to restructure a four-year contract worth $8 million that makes him the 40th-highest paid back in the NFL. He doesn't even crack the top 20 highest-paid Bills after averaging nearly 1,000 yards rushing for two seasons.

"[The contract was] definitely a huge part of it," he said. "But as far as what my workload was like the past couple of weeks, that was something, too. I feel like I could do more for the team. When you’re sitting on the sideline, you’re not helping your team with where things want to be."

 --- Bucky Gleason

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