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Maybin on his weight

Ex-Bill Aaron Maybin met the media on his introduction as a New York Jet Wednesday. To his credit, he did not make excuses and refrained from any criticism of the Bills' organization. There's no doubt he thinks he didn't get enough playing time in Buffalo. He did however, have an explanation - or somewhat of an excuse - for his weight upon reporting to training camp. He reported at 228 pounds. The exchange with the media:

On whether was sick before training camp: "It was a sickness I had before camp, I lost 10, 11 pounds or so. I do feel a lot better now. In the first couple weeks of training camp up in Buffalo, I was able to put a little bit of that weight back on. I’m holding pretty steady at 240 right now, but I still got a few pounds to go get back to where I feel comfortable playing at during the season."
On what weight he would like to play at: "Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back up to about 255, 256. I think that’s pretty much ideal for where I should be."
On losing weight during training camp: "(255, 256) is where I feel comfortable playing during the season, but I’ve always been the kind of guy whose weight fluctuates. You weigh me in the morning, you’re liable to get something different than when you weigh me in the afternoon. That’s just how I am. I can gain or lose 10 pounds in a two-day period. It’s always kind of crazy when you’re working with that kind of metabolism."

Maybin has a thin frame and slender hips. I can't see him maintaining 255 pounds. But I also would be shocked if he doesn't make the Jets' team, given their lack of depth at OLB. The Jets play at Buffalo Nov. 6.

---Mark Gaughan



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