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No love at all for Fitz

Buffalo's Ryan Fitzpatrick is the 32nd best quarterback in the NFL, according to a Scouts Inc. rating on That's No. 32 in a 32-team league. 

The listing has him as the 27th best starting quarterback. The starters for Cleveland, Washington, Carolina, Seattle and Cincinnati are behind the Bills' No. 1 gun. After watching games and breaking down film, Scouts Inc. rated more than 2,500 players entering the 2011 season. They included 89 quarterbacks on their list.

Who was No. 89???? J.P. Losman, who currently is a free agent.

The ranking, obviously, was subjective. Among those ahead of Fitz on the list included: Matt Cassel (16), Kyle Orton (22), Chad Henne (23), Mark Sanchez (24), Tim Tebow (27), Jon Kitna (38), Shaun Hill (29) and Alex Smith (30).

According to ESPN's new quarterback rating system, which involves a detailed analysis of each play's result and is somewhat subjective, Fitzpatrick ranked right in the middle - 16th - last season. Fitz's QBR was 48.7 (based on a scale of 100). He was ahead of Carson Palmer (46.7), Sanchez (47.7), Kyle Orton (46.6), and Jay Cutler (42.6), among others. He was behind David Garrard (57.3) and Cassel (51.2). Garrard has had a nice career, but I'd take Fitz over Garrard and Cassel.

---Mark Gaughan 


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