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Stevie gets "eyeblack" deal

Bills receiver Stevie Johnson has struck a marketing deal with a company called to wear their black strips under his eyes. Hey, on the Bills anybody getting their own marketing deal is news.

The company will make and sell eyeblack strips that have Johnson's No. 13 on them with wings around the number. The winged logo, the company says, fits with Johnson's positive, uplifting mindset. Johnson can wear them in practice and at appearances, but he can only wear blank black strips under his eyes during games. The NFL has a rule against players putting any messages on their eyeblack during games. (The NCAA passed a similar rule, which became known as the Tim Tebow rule, in reference to the Florida quarterback who put Bible verse numbers and messages on his eye black while at the University of Florida).

"We think Stevie is a fantastic ambassador for our product," said Peter Beveridge, president of "We think he's a real up-and-comer. He has the look and feel that fits our product."

---Mark Gaughan



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