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Explanation from Referee Carey

Here was the pool report I did with Referee Mike Carey on why his crew went back onto the field after the game to see if there was going to be a review of Da'Norris Searcy's game-ending interception in the end zone against the Raiders.

Q: Describe what happened after the call on the field of an interception?

MC: It was ruled an interception. We came into the locker room after delaying to see if it was going to be reviewed. I got a beep in the locker room, a buzz in the locker room, that said review. Went back out, put the headset on. They weren’t set up. But it was an erroneous transmission, and they had already confirmed the ruling on the field.

Q: What was an erroneous transmission?

MC: The beep that I got (on his beeper).

Q: Could you go over the process at the end if the booth thinks a review is necessary?

MC: On all instant replay reviews, the referee goes in an reviews the play – if there’s a review. I got a buzz that said review it. When I got out there they said it had already been confirmed. There was no need for a review. It was an erroneous transmission to my buzzer for review.

Q: Lastly, describe what is required to determine that there is simultaneous possession on a pass like that, a receiver needs to … ?

MC: He needs to maintain possession when he goes to the ground. If he doesn’t maintain possession then it’s either incomplete or an interception.

---Mark Gaughan



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