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Williams deal good long range

The new contract Kyle Williams signed with the Bills averages $7.25 million a year, according to a News source. The deal includes a signing bonus of $4.75 million and his base salaries this year and the next two seasons are guaranteed. It's a little more than Casey Hampton (who is older) got from Pittsburgh, a shade less than Vince Wilfork ($8 million a year) makes from New England.

The good thing for Williams is it's spread out well. His base salary is $3.85 million in 2013 and $4.35 million in 2014. That makes it very likely Williams will see that money. It's something the Bills take a certain amount of pride in - they try not to put "phony money" in deals and it's structured to give Williams a very good chance of seeing the full deal. The deal also isn't loaded with roster bonus money. He gets a $2 million roster bonus next year and $1 million the year after. So it isn't structured to more quickly "fill up" the cash total of any one year, which is good to see the Bills doing. They have filled up their cash more quickly in some deals in recent years.

Arizona defensive tackle Darnell Dockett signed one of the biggest, if not the biggest, free agent deal for defensive tackles. His deal is worth a maximum of $48 million over four years. Dockett has 25 sacks the past four years.

---Mark Gaughan 


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