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Bills turn up heat

The Bills' defense gave upcoming opponents a little more to think about in the way of pass protection during their big victory over the Eagles on Sunday.

The Bills sent five or more men at the quarterback on passing plays 20 times in their 31-24 victory, according to News figures. The Eagles ran 45 pass plays, so the Bills blitzed on 44 percent of those downs. That's the highest percentage the Bills have blitzed over the past two years under coordinator George Edwards.

This does not count zone dogs, in which the Bills had a linebacker or a safety join the pass rush but dropped another player back in coverage and only rushed four players. It also doesn't count run dogs; blitzes on run plays. The Bills had not blitzed much the first four games. They rushed five or more on 16 percent vs. the Chiefs, 9 percent vs. the Raiders, 13 percent vs. the Pats and 15 percent vs. the Bengals, by the News' count. Last year the Bills' most aggressive blitzing game came against Chicago in Toronto, when the Bills sent five-plus at Jay Cutler on 36 percent of the pass plays.

The Bills got four of their five INTs vs. the Eagles on blitz plays. They gave up one TD on a blitz - the 31-yard TD pass to DeSean Jackson.

--Mark Gaughan

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