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Bruce Smith on Hull

Bills Hall of Famer Bruce Smith on the death of teammate Kent Hull:

"I know he had some health problems but this is certainly unexpected. You're never can really prepare for losing a family member. He was just a tremendous person, an incredible human being, and you couldn't ask for a better teammate. It's a sad day."

Smith on Hull's leadership: "It's not necessarily what he said it's the way he carried himself and the way he interacted with all of his teammates, not just the star players, but the backups and practice squad players. He treated everyone the same, it's a reason he was so admired and respected."

Smith was emotional and had to pause when talking about what made Hull a good player on the field: "He had this unbelieveable desire to win, to execute, to make those around him better. that was his mindset, that was his body language, his actions every day. It's a sad day."

---Mark Gaughan



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