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Gailey, offense pick up pieces

Bills coach Chan Gailey said he's not worried about quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick rebounding from Sunday's loss to the New York Jets.

Said Gailey: "I think he will. I don’t think there’s any question. He’s already done that this year and I think he will continue to do it. If that was my biggest problem, I wouldn’t have any problems."

Gailey was asked whether he considers some interceptions unavoidable, like the one in which Jet Calvin Pace dropped back into coverage in front of David Nelson, a look the Jets had not shown before:

Said Gailey: "There’s a difference in being dumb and being fooled. Everybody gets fooled. As long as there was logic to what we were thinking there, and to what he was thinking, it happens. It can’t happen much, but it happens. You have to try to say how can we not let this happen the next time? What can we see? What can we read? What can we do that allows us to be better next time? And I think part of that falls on me for better planning."

Gailey also said the Bills could have run better against the Jets: "In the running game we’ve got to try to manufacture and be more physical in our running game, come off the football and get north and south with our push. I felt like last week we didn’t come off like we needed to in our running game. We had been better than that in every game up until that one."

---Mark Gaughan


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