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Rex Ryan channels Schoney

Jets coach Rex Ryan was fined $75,000 this week for cursing at a fan at halftime of last week's game in Denver.

On a conference call with Buffalo reporters today, Ryan reached back into hockey history when asked about what he would do differently as a result of the fine.

Said Ryan: "Well, I think I should have gone with the Jim Schoenfeld thing, you know, go get a donut or something like that probably would have been more appropriate. But you know what, I know that it’s something that I made a mistake and I know I represent the National Football League and I represent the Jets, and I made a mistake. It was real emotional at that time, and obviously I’ve got to choose my words much more wisely."

Schoenfeld, the former Buffalo Sabres great, was coaching the New Jersey Devils when he hollered at NFL referee Don Koharski to "eat another donut." (Video below.)

Ryan on the Jets' unexpected loss at the hands of the Denver Broncos last week: "We thought that we’d go there and win the game; that didn’t happen. That's the National Football League, you can’t schedule wins, or we would. We’d say, hey, we’ll play whoever. I’d much rather play the University of Buffalo than the Buffalo Bills."

--Mark Gaughan


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