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Stevie channels his inner Chan

Sorry for not posting this yesterday, as a nasty cold kept me from playing hurt, but Bills fans have to take a look at receiver Stevie Johnson's Halloween outfit. Here's the picture he posted on his Twitter account (@steviejohnson13).



Yes, that's him dressed as coach Chan Gailey. Good stuff.

Here's how Gailey responded when asked if he'd seen the costume: "No I have not," the coach said. "I put that in the same category with the Megamind thing [the nickname Johnson gave Gailey last week]. He's got too much time on his hands."

Johnson's teammates were at least impressed.

"Oh yeah I saw it. It was good. It was pretty funny. Somehow, I don’t know how Stevie makes every outfit he wears look cool," quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick said. "Not to say that Chan (Gailey) doesn’t look cool, but that vest, Stevie made it look cool."

---Jay Skurski



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